Exciting things lie ahead for ArkWarfare as we embrace the release of Ark Survival Ascended in October 2023. This highly anticipated update will introduce a thrilling cross-platform experience in November 2023, allowing players on PC (Windows, Steam), Xbox, and PS4/PS5 to come together and forge new adventures. We have hit the ground running, hosting many different server types to cater to every gamer's desires. As soon as we released our ASA servers, we rose to the top of the server listings and instantly became the highest-populated OCE servers. In the first 9 days of Ark Ascended release, we had over 2000+ players on our servers!

List of available servers:

  • ASE 10x 4MAN PVP Cluster - Ragnarok, Aberration, Lost Island & Fjordur.
  • ASE The Arena PVP Games - Team Deathmatch, Lava Golem Free for all, 1v1 and more.
  • ASA 10x 6MAN PVP Cluster - The Island & Scorched Earth.
  • ASA 15x DUOs PVP Cluster - The Island & Scorched Earth.
  • ASA 50x 6MAN PVP Server - Scorched Earth.

Join the discord to stay up to date with the upcoming ASA releases!

Click here to watch the Ark Survival Ascended Trailer


If you place an order online for ASA, follow these steps to claim your rewards: (this does not apply to ASE)

  1. Copy the TBX-ID shown on purchase confirmation webpage (order number), or in the purchase confirmation email (transaction ID) 
  2. In global chat in ASA, use the command /redeem tbx-id after completing your purchase
    (ie. /redeem tbx-34b5634u6b6hjjnf0993)

To get your whitelist added, please open a ticket in Discord and select "AWF Store".

Join us on Palworld!

We have set up a new gaming community called "PalWorld Warfare". Join our Official Discord.

Palworld is an upcoming action-adventure survival game by Japanese developer Pocket Pair. The game is set in an open world populated with animal-like creatures known as "Pals". The players can battle and capture Pals in order to use them for base building, traversal, and combat.


Supporting Warfare Gaming Hub!

Warfare Gaming Hub's mission is to provide the ultimate gaming experience by fostering a welcoming and thriving community. We strive to offer enhanced gameplay through our carefully curated servers, boosting rates and minimising toxicity. Our dedication lies in creating an environment where players from all platforms can come together, forging unforgettable adventures in the gaming world. We prioritise fairness, equality, and active community engagement, listening to player feedback and continuously evolving our servers to meet the desires of our passionate community.

Founded in 2017, our mission has always been to provide a thriving community of gaming enthusiasts with boosted rates, a toxic-free environment, and endless adventure. ArkWarfare & PalWorld Warfare operate under Warfare Gaming Hub.

ArkWarfare was our first community founded in 2017 hosting Ark servers, now with over 30+ seasons under our belt, ArkWarfare has become the go-to gaming server for Ark Survival Evolved/Ascended players. Our dedicated Discord server boasts a vibrant community of 2800+ passionate Ark players. Since 2019, we have consistently maintained the highest population of Ark Servers in Australia & New Zealand, making us the ultimate hub for Ark enthusiasts in the OCE region. 

PalWorld Warfare is our second community founded in 2024 hosting PalWorld servers. We have quickly grown to the largest and most popular PalWorld community in the Oceania region. Our servers reached #11 in the worldwide listings, and have consistently been #1 in the OCE listings.

Given the large scale of the player base, we operate with high-performing top-of-the-range dedicated machines, where we rely on the people playing to help support it financially. ArkWarfare & PalWorld Warfare are free to play, and there is no obligation to buy anything. Your contribution goes a long way in helping sustain and grow the community further by helping cover the costs for the machines, upgrades, licences and software required to run. We offer rewards for members who support us whilst aiming to minimise any Pay2Win incentives.

Please ensure you view our Terms & Conditions on the POLICIES page.

Thank you for supporting Warfare Gaming Hub.


The default currency in the ArkWarfare store is $USD.

You can select various currencies to view prices - please note that upon checkout, prices will be in USD.